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Why Hire a VBAC Doula Practitioner

World Class Professionals waiting to support your birth. 

Our VBAC Practitioner Doula's are not your ordinary doula's they are trained to understand the full spectrum of VBAC and are trained to be supportive, compassionate, well informed on the latest research and evidences, Mindful, non-judgemental and ready to give you all your  options in an easy to understand format. 


1-2-1 Support Our Practitioners are hired by you and have your best interest in mind and will always advocate when you are unable to. Our doula's will visit you 2x during pregnancy and postnatally and attend your birth for ultimate support.


Our doulas know the latest guidelines and are ready to break down the latest recommendations to ensure you have all the facts needed to make a clear decision about your birth


Childbirth has a massive affect on our mental health and so Our practitioners are skilled to help you debrief your previous birth history, as well as give you tools to  help you control your feelings during this time


We have practitioners in many places in the world so no matter where you live, there's a practitioner waiting to support you in your language and in your town.

VBAC Practitioner doula 

The only place to be is here. Expert advice both experienced and evidenced based from professionals and successful VBAC mothers...

This training is the first ever VBAC Doula & And VBAC NLP Doula training that ever existed and we have supported professionals for over 7.5 years. In our team, we provide an in-depth learning experience for our practitioner doulas and give them opportunities to support women all over the world. We also house the worlds only VBAC SUMMIT which we partner with some of the birth industries experts to ensure we always have the latest information and advice..


Our team consists of NLP Practitioners, Master Expert VBAC Specialist, doulas, Childbirth educators, Nutritional therapists, women's health practitioners and more....


We are looking for more organisations and doulas to partner with us on projects, events and campaigns....

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